Complete Balance Solutions wants you to be able to get all the information and support you need to achieve the quality of life you desire. The Tips and Links on this page will provide you with additional sources of information on your disorder, as well as information on support groups.

Here are some simple steps to reduce the risk of falls:

  • Remove loose rugs or secure them to the floor.
  • Use only non-skid rugs.
  • Ensure that the pathways in the home have proper lighting.
  • Place nightlights in the bedrooms and hallways.
  • Remove all clutter from the floor.
  • Tie up phone and electrical cords so that they stay out the way.
  • Inspect and repair unstable furniture.
  • Have a proper bed height so that it is easy to step into and out of the bed. If the bed is high, use a step stool.
  • Install non-skid strips or mats in all the bathtubs and showers.
  • Install grab bars near the sink, tub and toilet.