Specializing in Balance, Dizziness, Neurological, and Orthopedic Disorders 

Complete Balance Solutions offers the increasing number of patients with balance/walking/gait (Neurological, Vestibular and Orthopedic), dizziness, Complex Neurological, and Unresolved Orthopedic disorders a place to receive quality care and rehabilitation.

Our Programs

Dizziness and Balance

Importance of Balance function in patients with Neurological Deficits. Maintaining static and dynamic balance is a complex process involving the use of senses, postural muscles, and brain processing. The balance stability must be sufficient enough to adapt to changes in the environment, ... read more


Goals for Neurologic Rehabilitation Educate the patient regarding the disease state and process Provide activities to improve muscle control and balance in entire body. Improve function, safety, and efficiency of movement; Prevent or postpone weakness caused by declining activity   ... read more

Pain Relief

Pain is unique to the individual and identifying your deficits is key to relief.   Most patients with pain have tried numerous treatments strategies including physical therapy with no relief.  People who have pain at work may move abnormally all day which can cause their pain, sim ... read more

Movement Disorders

National Parkinson's Foundation National Multiple Sclerosis Society Guillain-Barre Syndrome / CIDP Foundation ... read more